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Dream a better today, design a better tomorrow

Dream Team Engineering is a group of engineering and non-engineering students alike that are dedicated to making novel technologies to enhance the lives of the patients at UF Health Shands, the surrounding Gainesville community, and beyond. Our team works alongside physicians, nurses, and child-life specialists  to create engineering devices that positively impact the patient, doctor, and overall healthcare experience. Dream Team Engineering is currently composed of three branches: a design branch that focuses on utilizing 3D-modeling skills to build devices that encourage patient education, a software engineering branch called Dream Team Software Engineering (DTSE) that leverages programming skills to develop user-friendly medical applications, and a research branch that tests the efficacies of our projects being used in the hospital. We also have a shadowing program for freshman and sophomore students.

2023-2024 Executive Board

Click below to meet the members of the 2023-2024 Executive Board!

Headshot - Xavier Velez.jpg

Xavier Velez

392A2226 - Alexander Simes.JPG

Alexander Simes
Director of Design

Headshot - Evan Hadam.PNG

Evan Hadam
Co-Director of Sponsorships

45DB5E2B-C9B9-48B1-AAD1-DB83D775912D - Rohan Joshi.jpeg

Rohan Joshi
Co-Director of Multimedia

IMG_9537 - Ashni Zaverchand.jpeg

Ashni Zaverchand
Vice President


Anne Michel
Director of Software

headshot - Aditya Jithesh.jpg

Aditya Jithesh
Co-Director of Sponsorships

indoor headshot.jpg

Sydney Sylvester
Co-Director of Multimedia

LPancoast_Headshot - Lance Pancoast.heic

Lance Pancoast
Executive Director of Project Management

cropped headshot - Shreya Mathur.JPG

Shreya Mathur
Director of Research

A5F860FB-A84E-487D-B499-CBEC7A75D700 - Ansh Parikh.jpeg

Ansh Parikh
Director of Merchandise


VijayaSai Somasundaram
Executive Director of Finance

F5B57CFD-713B-4B84-B6D3-5D32B1A2A15B - Luke Thompson.jpeg

Luke Thompson
Director of Shadowing

IMG_6622 - Kayleen Diaz.jpeg

Kayleen Diaz
Director of Recruitment

headshot - Karina LaRubbio.JPG

Karina LaRubbio
Executive Director of Membership

MFOS-Headshot (1) - Claudia Klejc.jpg

Claudia Klejc
Director of Fundraising


Samantha Alicea
Director of Internal Events

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